• About Jan Elsner

    CLIENTS include:-

    • Top Teams / C-Suite
    • Boards and Getting to Board
    • Working Women / Senior Women / High Potential Women
    • Medical Professionals / Specialists / Health professionals
    • Partnerships
    • Professionals including Financial and Professional Services
    • Design and Creative Professionals
    • Sports and Arts professionals / elite performance individuals
    • Indigenous Corporations and associated staff
    • Tertiary students
    • Academics
    • Early career professionals seeking direction
    • Clients in career transition

    Jan Elsner is a Registered Psychologist, specialising in wellbeing, career and performance coaching and executive coaching and counselling. After a 30 year career in Melbourne, working nationally and internationally, Jan returned in 2019 to live in Perth and provides services in Nedlands and mostly online.

    Jan has specialised in working with professionals at any career stage, including professional services, executive women, medical specialists and various sports and arts performance professionals. Jan's clients are spread around Australia and as far as London.

    Jan integrates Strengths, Neurobiology, and Positive Psychology based approaches to enable clients to find confidence, clarity, calm and direction with purpose.

    Jan has served on a number of company coaching panels and enjoys collaborating with a variety of colleagues.


    Jan works with anyone who wants to be at their best.


    In the corporate world, as an executive coach, Jan works with senior and future leaders on performance, transition, change and challenge, with a focus on individualised approaches to performance, thriving, success and satisfaction, across the career life-cycle.


    In private counselling and coaching practice, Jan assists people to make positive decisions and transitions in life and career, plus works with people who know they want to tackle some mental habits that are getting in the way of being at their best, including stress, motivation, anxiety, focus (ADD/ ADHD) and depression. Jan has special interests in professional specialists (eg medical specialists, accountants, lawyers, engineers, architects, design professionals, academics); working women; and women and cancer and IVF.


    Jan has a 15-year career background in senior level roles including Big 4 management consulting, ASX top 50 Group HR, and digital start-ups, and is a fully Registered Psychologist (since 1986) who has worked as an executive, performance and wellbeing coach and advisor for another 20 years across government, listed, private and start-up companies as well as with private clients.



    Jan’s corporate career focused on leadership, talent and individual and organisational performance.


    Jan’s background is originally as a Psychologist in Health Management and Behavioural Medicine before shifting to business strategy, organisational culture change and performance improvement management consulting with Coopers & Lybrand Consultants (prior to becoming PWC) and at Ernst & Young, where she developed the foundation design and case-study work for the Organizational Culture and Organizational Change methodologies. Jan established the Group HR executive role for Village Roadshow establishing organisational operations for international expansion, and then held a Group HR specialist succession management role at ANZ Bank, where she designed and managed the top 100 leadership talent strategy for the globalisation of the ANZ Group.


    After a career in consulting firms and Group HR, Leadership,Talent and Succession Planning roles, Jan has coached and consulted independently since 1997 and has pioneered the application and teaching of evidence-based Coaching, Strengths, Positive Organisational Scholarship, Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry in Australia, specifically with application to women's leadership, career progression and career transition, and global leadership development. She was introduced to the first Australian Positive Psychology Conference as the 'midwife of Positive Psychology in Australia."


    Jan's work has delved continuously deeper into the science of leadership and mental performance, establishing global connections and relationships with academic thought leaders, and her curiosity has led to her studies in neurobiology and neuroscience.


    Jan has a special blend of knowledge, skill and experience, plus a warm, engaging style, to work with individuals, groups and teams to enhance their mental potential as leaders. Jan’s extensive business and leadership experience plus her strategic capability enables her to deeply understand complex business and commercial contexts and help clients to specifically apply and make their learning relevant in a global and local context. She has worked with clients in Australia, UK, and China, and with leaders with Asia-Pacific and Global roles and reporting relationships. In recent years her consulting work has focused on alignment of leaders and organisations for Asian and Global growth markets.

    With a personal background in the health sector plus professional and financial services and partnerships, many of Jan's clients are Professionals, Partners and Senior Executives in these industries. Consulting and coaching clients have included major international and Australian professional services firms, mining, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and property companies, and federal and state government departments. Jan also works directly with high achievement and high potential individuals in corporate, sports and arts professions. Increasingly, Jan is working with medical professionals across broad specialties, who are dealing with challenges in their private practices and in the public health system.



    • Career Planning and Transitions
    • Motivation
    • Mental Performance
    • Career and life satisfaction
    • Career issues, politics, relationships
    • Wellbeing
    • Transitions and Change
    • Decision-making
    • Transition to retirement



    • Transitions
    • Depression - focus on mindfulness, movement and mental potential
    • Anxiety, including performance anxiety
    • ADD / attention issues
    • Medicare registered
  • FEES

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    Private health fund rebates may apply

    Medicare and health fund rebates may apply to GP referred counselling with a Mental Health Care Plan

  • TESTIMONIALS - ADvisory, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT and consulting work

    “My colleagues from Australia, Jan Elsner ...arguably the leading practitioners in the area of Strengths...have really helped me understand what strengths mean...”


    Tal Ben Shahar: acknowledgements to “The Pursuit of Perfect”; McGraw-Hill 2009

    Our Coles HR community came together for a day to sharpen our lens in managing and leading change. We were delighted that Jan could be a big part of that day and challenge us with the latest in the neurosciences of our brain. Jan enlightened us on unique aspects of being human, how to get to our best-self, moving from a deficit based approach to a strengths based approach. She helped us understand the questions to ask and the experiences to drive in building and delivering change. We received great feedback from our teams:


    “Engaging, thought provoking, Jan made complex ideas simple easy to understand and interactive exercises help me to be bold enough to give it a go.”


    “Building rather than solving, 0 - 10 + and balancing our focus on what is working – a game changer.”


    “Active constructive listening and some talk of "flipping it" - that part certainly resonated widely.”


    Jacqui Bourne, Head of Business Improvement, Coles


    "As a former elite athlete we always had access to the best coaches to develop our knowledge and skills of the game. It amazes me it took me so long to apply the same logic to my career and personal life. 


    My time spent with Jan developing an understanding for what drives me and utilising the tools need to support my passion was not only rewarding but a thoroughly enjoyable process that I highly recommend for anyone at any phase of their life."



    Mel Jones, Former Australian Women's Cricketer, now Cricket commentator

    “ The program that (company) ran with Jan... has received better reviews than just about any development program I have come across during my career.”


    Program Sponsor evaluation, major bank


    "Last week I mentioned that I had been for a job interview and I am pleased to say that I have go the role....  The interesting thing is I am the first female to hold this role.  I am sure that without this program I may not have had the confidence to go through the rigorous process that was required for this role."


    Program participant, nab


    "I feel truly blessed to have had the privilege and opportunity to be involved in such a program, ... and grateful for the personal journey the program has been the catalyst for.  I feel my learning’s will enhance my ability to parent well and my performance when working with and managing others in the professional environment also."


    Program participant, AESOP

    You have made a real and sustainable difference to how I operate .. so for that I thank you and you will

    receive eternal good karma...


    Executive Program participant and Coaching Client, IBM

    “Your great clarity of thought and reassurance helped me through a difficult period and gave me the courage to make the decisions that were fundamental to me being able to lead the life I had visioned for myself and that we now live. We are all very happy with the changes we have made as a family and so - thank you very much for helping me get above all the noise and sort through to what was important.”


    Coaching client

    “Jan... what a great legacy you ...will have in our business.”


    Sue Sjuve, ex Global Head of Diversity, nab

    “I would rate the sessions as one of the best that I have participated in my career... It has my full support and would encourage others to participate in this program.  I took a lot more away from this than any of the coaching sessions that we have recently been through.  The application of the material is challenging but it is very useful for self and team development.  The power of focusing on our strengths with a positive mind set were the key learning’s.  It also increased my self- awareness and being aware of what was happening around clients and work colleagues.”


    Senior Partner, PwC. PwC Sponsoring Women Partner's Program participant

    “I just wanted to pass on my personal thanks for such an inspiriting and positive few days. It really has had the biggest impact on my life and I feel so different.”


    Program participant

    “Everyone at work was asking about the course, what did you do etc, and I found it really difficult when asked what we did because it felt too personal and special to share. I think it was probably the best time I have invested in myself in years as I got so much out of it. I left feeling energised and clear about what I had to do.”


    Program participant

    “This course by far, has had the most significant impact on my working life. I have been in business 20 years (and I thought I had seen it all) and then you both came along...”.


    Program participant

    “I have been thinking a lot about mindsets since our (program) and just want you to know that I am putting myself well out of my comfort zone today and applying for a senior role that I really want, thanks to you. I have changed jobs many times over the years and so I used to think of myself as being really flexible and adaptable, ....The multiple jobs that I had applied for were relatively easy for me and because I have not stretched myself, my career has been in 'ground-hog' mode for the last few years (i.e. I have had different roles but was not really developing). Now that I understand what has been holding me back, I am going to put myself out there and risk failure for the first time in my life. Thank you again for helping me realise this.”


    Program participant

    “I’ve had numerous calls since last (month...offering me) a lot of money...I have to say that over the holiday period I had a serious decision to make as there was an offer on my table then. The only reason I am still here was how I felt walking away from (the program). “


    Program participant

    "The program is the best course I have been on in my 13 years with...The program has helped me shift my mindset in the way I approach situations in both my personal and professional life. My positive outlook has become infectious for those around me....Thank you for a great course that came at the right time in my life”


    Program participant

    “ This was one of the most thought provoking  programs that I have attended....I have new skills to help me with my interactions with not just our female team members but a broader range of groups across the diversity spectrum.”


    Partner, PwC, Sponsoring Women Program participant

    “The program really enabled me to believe that my leadership progression as a female at (company) is visible, flexible and possible."


    Program Participant

    “The skills I learned in the (Sponsors) program help in every aspect of what I do - coaching, client relationships, focus of mind etc”


    Partner, PwC, Sponsoring Women Program participant

    "I attended you master class ... and I thought it was fantastic! I have attended a fair amount of leadership training and what you delivered on the day resounded with me, so much more than anything I have done before. I found the day confronting, revealing, motivating and refreshing! I attained a huge career goal last year by practising as a nurse in an operational environment (Afghansitan) and I think it started whilst I was over there, the question of what next. I didn't realise how goal focused I was until I didn't have one. But since .... putting it together with your class I have seen where I want to work towards in the future.'


    Women in Emergency Services Masterclass participant



    Jan and has been an invited and selected speaker at numerous International and Australian Academic, Professional and Women’s Leadership conferences, including:-

    • Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society, (Deauville, France, 2010)
      - led an invited Australian delegation
      - presented to an invited corporate audience in Paris for the Women’s Forum
    • Academy of Management, (Montreal, 2010)
    • International Positive Psychology Summit (Washington, 2006)
    • WIN (Women’s International Network) Conference (Barcelona 2008, Prague 2009, Paris 2010)
    • European Positive Psychology Conference (Braga, Portugal 2006)
    • World Conference on Gifted Education (Australia, 2003)
    • Australian Institute of Company Directors (Australia, 2003)
    • Australian Positive Psychology Conference (2010)
    • Women Chiefs of Enterprise (Australia 2003)
    • All A’Board, (Melbourne, 2010)
    • PriceWaterhouse Coopers Symmetry functions for women (Sydney 2008, Canberra 2012, Brisbane 2014)
    • Academic paper reviewer for women's leadership submissions for European Academy of Management Conference (2011-13)
    • Womwn on Boards conference 2011


    Jan has hosted and taught in Australia with local and international thought leading academics:

    • Prof. Martin Seligman (Positive Psychology)
    • Dr Tal Ben Shahar (Positive Psychology),
    • Prof Ron Fry (Appreciative Inquiry)
    • Dr Craig Hassed (Neuroscience and Mindfulness)
    • Adjunct faculty on the Certificate for Appreciative Inquiry Certificate in Positive Business and Society Change for Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Business, in Australia.
    • Professor Faculty for Programs on coaching and leadership at CEIBS (China England Business School) in Shanghai

    Professional Leadership Roles

    Jan has been an early leader in relation to professionalisation of executive coaching and the understanding of the rigour and science in the Positive Psychology field. Jan co-hosted the initial international meeting in Sydney Australia to launch the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) with Prof. Martin Seligman (2006), was appointed to the Advisory Committees of the two Australian Positive Psychology Conferences (2008, 2010) and appointed as a Committee Member for the Australian Psychological Society inaugural National and State Committees for Coaching Psychology (2003/4). Jan actively attended the Academy of Management international meetings for many years.

    Professional Associations

    • Registered Psychologist
    • Member Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)
    • Member Australian Association of Psychologists Inc (AAPI)

    Previous memberships (sample) prior to moving to Perth, WA.

    • Member Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD)(for around 25 years)
    • Academy of Management
    • International Psycho-Oncology Society
    • Cognitive Neuroscience Society (CNS)
    • Society for Social Neuroscience Australia (S4SN)
    • Millenia2015 for Women and Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation (Unesco)
    • Member Global Association for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies (GAINS)


    Maastricht University

    International Masters in Affective Neuroscience

    2017 - partial completion.

    Portland State University

    Postgraduate Certificate in Interpersonal Neurobiology


    Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Business

    Certificate for Appreciative Inquiry Certificate in Positive Business and Society Change



    Authentic Happiness Coaching Program

    Positive Psychology, Diploma of Graduation

    2004 - 2005

    Taught by Prof Martin Seligman. This program preceded the current MAPP program at U Penn. 1000 people around the world were trained in this Diploma


    Adelaide University / le Cordon Bleu

    Professional Certificate in Gastronomy 

    2001 - 2002



    Psychology, BSc Hons (Psych)

    (Double Major Psychology, Plus Double Major in Education)


    Partial completion Masters in Psych (Clinical) 



    (+61) - 0411108534


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    Suite 12A Broadway Fair
    88 Broadway
    Nedlands, WA, 6009


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